Everyone has the right to feel confident in their skin.

Hormonal acne affects 20-30% of adults. It’s commonly caused by hormonal imbalances that result in excessive oil secretions onto the surface of the skin. That said, the impact of hormonal acne isn’t only physiological; it’s also known to have significant psychological effects. Studies have shown that even having mild acne can evoke feelings of low self-esteem, depression, and thoughts of self-harm.

Cocoon exists to empower everyone to feel confident in their skin. Our mission is to improve your skin health from within, using solutions that go deeper than surface-level symptoms. By supporting internal balance, our supplements safely and effectively bring health and harmony to your hormones and skin. Because we believe it's what's inside that counts.

“Like millions of women, I struggled with persistent hormonal breakouts throughout my twenties. I spent years holding out hope that a new topical product or medication would finally fix my skin, but was always met with disappointment (or medication-related side effects) and a painful feeling of helplessness. It took a major toll on my mental health.

Eventually, I turned to a naturopath who told me my acne, like that of many adult women, was the result of a hormonal imbalance. Within months of taking natural hormone-balancing supplements, I saw an incredible transformation in my skin, and a huge opportunity to share these safe and effective acne-healing ingredients with the world.

I worked with professional biochemists and licensed naturopaths to develop a safe and effective supplement for hormonal acne formulated with ingredients proven to balance hormones. With this product, my goal is to not only provide a reliable solution for hormonal acne, but also a renewed perspective on skincare rooted in natural healing that starts from within."


Rachel Kirby, Cocoon Founder



We prioritize product quality and personal health. Our skincare solution goes deeper than surface-level symptoms to safely support internal hormonal balance for effective results that last.


We focus on the fundamentals and forget the fluff. We've tapped into the power of nature to create an intentionally minimal product formulated with only the most impactful ingredients.


We stand for self-love. We are committed to helping build self-confidence by providing products and education focused on skin health and a supportive environment centred on skin positivity. 

We believe in the power of knowledge.

Getting to know your body on the inside, as much as you know it on the outside, is an empowering experience that allows you to take control of your skin health. We're here to help you intimately understand how the dynamics inside your body affect your skin and to educate you on the solutions that exist, so you can better nourish your body through each stage of life.

Start your journey by taking our quiz to uncover the hormonal imbalances you may be experiencing. 

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We believe in the strength of community.

Feeling confident in your skin goes beyond supplements. It's about choosing to love your skin every day, no matter its condition, because your self-worth and happiness should never rely on your skin's ever-changing appearance. Altering the way you see your skin is not easy, but connecting to others with similar experiences helps.

Our goal is to help you surround yourself with a supportive community focused on skin positivity. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter where we'll be sharing stories about skin struggles and self-love from our community members, to help you find comfort, connection, and confidence in your skin. 

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