Identify what your hormonal symptoms are telling you and learn how to respond.

Acne is a frustrating experience that can have a major impact on emotional and mental well-being. But it’s also an important clue, an indicator that your body, especially your hormones, aren’t in balance.

Hormones control everything in your body, so when they aren’t balanced, it shows up on the body’s largest organ, the skin. It also shows up in numerous other ways; your mood, your weight, and energy levels can all be impacted by hormonal imbalances.

Paying attention these various symptoms is the first step in piecing together the hormonal dynamic going on inside your body. This quiz helps you connect your symptoms to acne-causing hormonal imbalances and provides you with information to take the right steps towards proactively managing the root cause of your acne.


*This quiz is simplified, and is not intended to be medical advice. The best way to assess hormonal imbalance is with your healthcare provider. 

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